Thursday, October 30, 2014

Bonanza #6: Last view.....

Last View for now as we take a break for Halloween Fun!

Gotta love that dark orange filter for the richer sky.  Compare to below using yellow filter, where I had to crop out the vignettes because it was too strong to be an enhancement.  The lower corners suggest a vignette in the image above, but wit the dark sky you can't see it.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bonanza #4: Barn Details

Do you see the photographer in the photo below?

When you are shooting with a group it is sometimes hard to avoid capturing other photographers in the act.  At least this was my husband...... Note:  I cropped out a wayward photographer (not my husband and not in a critical part of the image) in posting #2 on Sunday.  One of the advantages of the wide angle medium format.  I have a lot of image to deal with and can often remove part without you noticing.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Bonanza Homestead #2: Dealing with Vignettes.....

I am still exploring the capabilities of my Mamiya 7 system.  I was using a dark orange filter (for those dark skies).  But it was not a thin profile filter, so I got some vignetting with my wide angle lens.  Because even the 50mm Mamiya 7 lens is really wide.  And not that Ive acquired a 43mm ultra wide angle lens, I'm working out this problem.

Sometimes vignettes detract and distract.  But sometimes they provide framing.  And as any plastic camera enthusiast knows, a desired effect.  So what do you think.  Is the vignetting attractive or distractive?